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Where to find a free calendar template

Sometimes, there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Things get forgotten, appointments missed, your children's various games and lessons fit into an already busy day. Fortunately, there are free calendar templates that you can use that can help you to organise your day, week, month and year. Best yet, they are free (which is something that's worth repeating).

Win Calendar

Win Calendar takes advantage of Word to provide calendar templates. The calendars can be blank as well as printable, and can be in a weekly and monthly calendar form. They are useful for both school and work life. If you prefer another format, the site also offers the opportunity to create the Windows Desktop calendar, a pop-up calendar in Word, as well as a calender in the Excel format.

Calendar Labs

Calendar Labs is another site which offers free calendar templates. These calendars are printable, and can be online calendars, blank calendars, and holidays calendars which can be customised by country, a school calendar, a religious calendar with four choices, printable calendars, photo calendars astrology calendars and more. The site is continuously updating and adding to its templates in order to provide as much as possible for their visitors. The company also encourages feedback so that they can provide any templates that people feel are missing. Services for "sharing calendars for events, event planning or maintaining schedules" are not provided by Calendar Labs.

Printable Calendar Templates

The Printable Calendar Templates site offers "professional-looking printable calendars" in the Word format. The site offers monthly calendars, weekly calendars, and yearly calendars. The calendars can be printed in the portrait or landscape orientation When you click on the links for the calendar templates, you are directed to a page where you can fill in the information that you wish to appear on the calendars, such as events and holidays. You are also able to change the size of the calendar as well as choose a different language, and choose the number of calendars to be printed per sheet. At the bottom of the main page, it states: "I've heard people call them a calender or a calandar. I've heard people call them calenders or calandars. Whatever they call them, we got it."

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Some samples of business proposals gone wrong

Some samples of business proposals gone wrong

Business proposals are documents that you can use in order to help you to secure financing from investors or loans from a bank. Business proposals or business plans allow you to get an idea of where your business should go when you want to create your own. They can provide you with guidance on the goals for your business, the funding needed and a plan to achieve these goals. However, when looking into how to make your own business, you need to be careful because business plans can go wrong. Here are some samples of how a business plan may go awry. Read on.
A guide to being your own boss

A guide to being your own boss

If you are considering leaving your 9 to 5 business to work for yourself, it's possible that you are unsure about the best way to go about it. Leaving the safety of a permanent job to start your own business doesn't need to be a risky gamble if you prepare for it and plan accordingly.
A guide to writing a business proposal

A guide to writing a business proposal

Just as you need a resume to get a job, you require a business proposal to get your loan approved, or get angel funding. Therefore, it is important that you know how to write a good proposal. There are different business proposal formats too. For example, the format of a grant proposal or grant application is different from that of a funding proposal. Read this article to understand the concept of business proposals.