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Where to find a free grocery list template

When shopping for groceries, it is helpful to have a grocery list. This article shows where to find a free grocery list template.


For centuries, the grocery store was the market place where temporary stalls were available for local farmers and craftspeople who would come to sell their wares. Here, one could buy the groceries for the house, everything from greens to meat and much else besides. Gradually, the temporary stalls became permanent ones and grocery stores as well as stores began.
Organising junkie The self-proclaimed Organising Junkie has a free shopping list template on her site. Click on the link, and it will get you to a PDF form that is divided into boxes. At the top, it reads "Grocery List" and "Week of:" and a space to write the date. The boxes are labelled Fruit, Vegetables, Dairy,Cleaning./Laundry, Pets, Breakfast Cereals, Kitchen Supplies, Pasta, Rice and more. It even has two boxes where you can check, if you remember to bring your recycled bags and coupons. This printable grocery list will help you to stay organised.

Ultimatest grocery list

The creator of this free grocery list template was featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show. The grocery list comes in two formats: the Deluxe version and the Vegetarian version. Click on the Deluxe List link, and you will be brought to a printable PDF form. The list is very thorough indeed, listing everything that you can think of with a little box to the left of each item in order to check off. One of the categories listed is labelled, "Carcinogens" and includes Arsenic, Asbestos, Cigarettes, Radionuclide and Vinyl chloride. Clink on the Vegetarian Version link, and you will be brought to another PDF form that has the vegetarian shopping list which is in a softer font and is no less complete. Carcinogens are not included.


Squawkfox offers another grocery list template that is also free. It is, as the author describes it, a healthy food list where foods that are "neither healthy nor cheap" are included. Click on the template of the list, and it will bring you to a PDF form. While not as pretty as the vegetarian list, it is very complete and includes healthy foods.

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