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Where to find a map of Bulgaria

Bulgaria, officially as the Republic of Bulgaria, is a south-eastern European country, that borders 5 other countries. It is situated near the Black Sea. A map of Bulgaria can be found in a variety of locations, from online travel web pages, and government websites to local tourist shops. This article will provide more information on where to find a map of Bulgaria.

Travel guides

Travel guide books You can purchase a map of Bulgaria, by buying travel guide books.
These books also contain historical, and cultural facts about Bulgaria and travel information. Recommended travel guide books include Lonely Planet ( and Frommer's ( You can also try or Here, you can purchase travel guide books, and maps of Bulgaria.
Travel guide websites You can also find free interactive maps on Lonely Planet's and Frommer's Bulgarian travel web page. The maps are free, and can easily be printed. You can also find a free map of Bulgaria on Google maps. Another website to try is This website not only has a free map, but it has much information on things to do, and places to stay in Bulgaria.

Book-stores, libraries and tourist centres

Book-stores and libraries
Regardless of where you are, a map of BG (Bulgaria) should be available at a local book-store or library. If not, you can ask the book-store to order one from its warehouse for you. The central library branch of your city should carry guide books, or history books of Bulgaria that have maps. Tourist centres Whether you take a train or plane, you should stumble across a tourist centre on your way to Bulgaria. Any airport you land into will have travel information and maps available for free or for purchase. The train stations will also have a travel information counter. The employees there can also help with directions to your hotel in Bulgaria.

Other considerations

If you are wondering where to find a map of Bulgaria, you must know that you have many options, from free maps to pricier travel guide books. Hence, you can indeed find a free map of Bulgaria. However, if you want travel information, along with your map, then you may have to pay. One final recommendation
The Black Sea outlines the eastern part of Bulgaria, and is one of Bulgaria's greatest attractions. Once you settled in, you can make a trip there, and enjoy a relaxing Black Sea experience.

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