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Where to find a map of India

Many different types of maps are available for those looking for them, and maps on India are no exception. This article will discuss where to find the right map for each individual case, whether one is looking for detailed map of India or just an India tourist map.

Guide books

Tourist maps vary greatly with their information about India, so finding the right one to suit your needs can be tricky sometimes. Travel guides
The best place to start hunting is with the well-known travel guides.
Lonely Planet is perhaps the most trusted, and reliable travel guide series available, and they offer a range of books covering India. You can choose from their comprehension Lonely Planet India, or one of the more detailed versions, South India or North-east India. Each has an abundance of useful information and handy hints and tips, but also provides easy-to-use maps with sights of interest clearly marked. Rough guides Rough guides also produce a good series of travel guides covering India as a whole. They also have greater variety of destinations than the Lonely Planet series. This is handy if you want a more detailed map of a certain region. Eyewitness India
Lastly, Eyewitness India, combines a refreshing view on travel guides with its array of glossy photos, concise and descriptive summaries, and three-dimensional detailed maps with points of interest. You can find these guides, and their Indian maps in good bookstores or online retailers.

The Internet

Of course, the Internet is the ultimate resource for finding any type of map, from maps of the Himalayas, to India road maps. One site that ranks high on search engines are This is a dedicated resource full of useful information. All the fundamentals are covered here. These are India political maps, physical maps, and world maps are available for viewing or purchasing at a range of resolutions. Free download A free download is a nice touch, and all maps are available in many languages, including English, Spanish, French and Italian. Search engines For merely browsing the country, the top search engines have fast and effective map resources, with many options for viewing. Standard map views are good, but the hybrid between map and satellite is particularly useful and insightful.

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