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Where to find antique silver napkin rings

Napkins were first dough that was rolled out onto the table. The ancient Romans used cloth. After a long hiatus, the napkin reappeared as a communal cloth on the table in the 1400s, then became an individual one in the 16th century. Antique silver napkin rings are still available today, and can bring style to the modern table.

Antique stores

The napkin ring use started in the 19th century, but after World War II, paper napkins began to be used, and the rings were no longer needed. Antique stores will carry a selection of antique silver napkin holders. They can be engraved napkin rings, or just plain, with initials or designs or smooth.
Some of the napkin rings will be made of sterling silver, while others will be just of silver plate. Make sure that you look for marks which can tell you whether the ring is really silver or not. At the antique stores, you may even find silver tableware that matches the design of the serviette rings. Buying both sets will add a cohesive style to your table setting, but having mismatched sets can be stylish as well. Jewellery stores might also be a source as they often carry jewellery and antique that is vintage along with modern silver and jewellery.


Auctions can be a source of antique silver napkin holders as well. The auctions may be online or held in specific locations, and may feature silver from many different eras. The silver rings here could also be engraved or plain. They may come with the silverware as a set, or they will be sold separately. It is a good idea to inspect the silver napkin rings carefully before buying them to make sure that you are getting the real thing and not a replica or something that is of silver plate. If you are not certain, having an expert who will inspect the silver napkin rings for you will be a good idea.

Online antique stores and aucitons

Online antique stores are a source of antique silver napkin rings as well.
Large sites like Selling Antiques and Antiques Co and more will have a selection of antique silver napkin rings in various styles and from different eras. Make sure that you ask questions before buying them. Online auctions are another source, but like online antique stores, you will not be able to see the items first hand and must rely on information gathered from the seller.

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