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Where to find art prints for sale

Fine art prints are available from a number of locations including online retailers, art galleries and even poster stores. This article helps you find art prints for sale.

What you want

Overview Decide what type of images you prefer.
Some collectors choose to buy artwork prints or famous pieces of artwork of a high quality while others are fine with collecting fine art posters. Some other collectors prefer prints of contemporary work.
Browse the Internet for art retailers that you like. If you have a specific work or artist in mind, search within the retailer's page.
Narrowing down your preferences is the first order of business.
Search related pieces If you want to decorate a room in an artistic theme, check out the retailer's recommendations for other pieces in that style. Decide whether you want your print to be a poster print or a canvas print. If one retailer doesn't offer the piece on the material that you prefer, search other retailers.

Where to go

Places to go
Seek out reputable sources to buy the fine art prints you wish to collect. If there is a gallery in your area, they probably carry prints of their artists' work. They may also carry prints of famous art pieces of high quality or canvas transfers wherein the artwork has been screen-printed on canvas to look like an original. Keep your eyes open in unusual spots. Many hospitals, banks and other businesses sell or auction fine art prints in order to raise money for a specific cause or their business in general. You can find beautiful, original fine art prints to collect for reasonable prices.


Framing Buy inexpensive prints and have them framed if you don't want to spend much money on the fine art prints you collect. Posters can be convincingly beautiful images. Decide if you want the piece framed.
If the print is not a standard poster or frame size, you may be able to get the piece framed by the retailer. Check the size of the piece and shop around for frames in that size before making your decision.
Final word
This is a great way to turn cheap prints into cheap wall art, but most importantly, it is something you'll love looking at time and time again.

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