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Where to find car rentals in Australia

Most of the world's leading car hire companies, such as Avis Rent-a-Car, Nova Car hire and Budget Rental operate out of Australia. Commonly, Australian car rental outlets will be located at major airports in large conurbations and cities. Occasionally, independent car rental vendors will be found in more obscure locations. Read on this article to know more on where to find car rentals in Australia.

Finding rental outlets

Renting a car is a good way of exploring the vast nation of Australia, but it is advised that, rather than trying to drive across America, you should take a domestic flight to save both time and money. Internet mapping
Visit an Internet mapping service, such as or (maps) and enter the name of the Australian city which you are travelling to, such as Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. Click to direct your online map to your Australian destination city and enter "car rental". This search will show you exactly where Australian car rental outlets are located, which will help you to determine which vendor is best for you. Rental company websites
Most independent car rental websites will have their own web presence, while all of the major car rental companies will be able to provide you with an online quote for car rental. Enter your requirements for a vehicle, including your budget, how long you wish to rent the car for and the dates of your trip or holiday. Use an Australian specialist car rental price comparison service
To speed up your search, use an Australian specialist car rental price comparison service, such as, and, and enter your car rental needs to compare prices from several different lenders.

Renting and returning cars

Pick up and drop off
Most reputable Australian car rental services will allow you to collect your vehicle in one place and drop it off in another one. This allows you the freedom to explore Australia at your leisure, without concerning yourself with returning to the city from which you rented the car to return it. When making enquiries about car rental, ask about this option, as hiring a car without this service will severely limit your freedom and tie you down to being in a certain place at a certain time. Making a rental
Confirm your rental online or by calling an Australian car rental company's sales line to secure your holiday rental vehicle. If you are not free to plan ahead, however, you can rent a vehicle with most vendors by simply walking up on the day, in this instance, you should be prepared to pay additional costs.

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