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Where to find cheap car insurance for young driver in UK

Looking to find a cheap car insurance rate for a new driver? You do not need to look further. Learn the 8 steps toward the cheapest auto insurance you can find and how a young driver can qualify for a discount. How about the best car insurance rates as in free? Read on to find out.

8 Steps to a cheap car insurance

Looking for the lowest cost car insurance provider involves a few 'stages'. Do this systematically and you will find it no chores, but an efficient way to get what you want, the cheapest car insurance costs or prices that match your situation. Here are the steps: 1. Get free car insurance quotes
2. Tabulate the rates on a spreadsheet
3. Check out some rating sites
4. Call up the short-listed providers
5. Enter the additional information on the spreadsheet
6. Ask for discounts
7. Enter the information on the spreadsheet
8. Make your decision

Qualifying for discounts

Obtaining an inexpensive car insurance for a young driver depends more on the driver rather the provider. Here are how you can qualify: 1. Good exam grades
2. Clean driving record
3. Bulk insurance purchase Good grades Ask the providers what is the minimal grade required for you to qualify for a student's discount. Compare their answers and key them into the spreadsheet. Clean driving record The more 'flawed' this is, the more you lower your chances of any discount. Remember that to start with, you are a young driver and this already puts you in the high-risk driver category, unless you have a clean driving record. Bulk insurance purchase Surely, your family already has a provider for the house insurance as well as other existing cars. Why not talk it over with the same provider for a bulk insurance purchase discount?

Getting a free car insurance

Many students who are planning to buy a new car take advantage of the situation by applying for a free car insurance. The most basic requirements are: 1. At least 21 years of age
2. Holds a valid driving license for at least 1 year Of course, not all car companies provide this offer, but a few do as a promotional strategy. These promotions run within a limited period from time to time. A quick search on Google will turn up the latest results. Hence, all you need to do is to see if these cars fit your requirements.

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