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Where to find cows for sale

Finding cows for sale is not a hard task, as there are many sites in the U.K. You must, however, decide what are your requirements and how many cattle your land can take. There are many agricultural markets where cattle are auctioned, but there is a range of websites selling cattle, some of which specialise in particular breeds.

Buying cattle

Different types If you are purchasing cattle, you will easily find them on sale, but there are pitfalls. Be sure that you know what type you want and are equipped to handle them. Take advice on what kind of cattle you should buy and how many your land can take. Some breeds, such as Aberdeen Angus, are always grass-fed, so you cannot keep them unless you feed them only grass. Dexters are small cattle ideal for smallholders. Dairy cattle are often available but other cattle are used for beef. Bulls need special handling and you should not purchase them unless you are properly trained, and are able to keep them in. They are expensive, hard to buy and dangerous. Bullocks are castrated males and are only used as beef cattle. You can easily get calves for sale and rear them.

Types of sale

There are farm sales when a farmer sells off his stock, but it is not common that cattle are sold there, it is mainly equipment. Agricultural markets are held across the country, but you need a trailer large enough to take away your stock. It is rare for a dealer to deliver the cattle to you. Websites There are certain websites that advertise cattle for sale. A dexter cow can be bought from offers a a range of cattle and other animals for sale. Dairycattle can be bought from, but you need to know how to milk them and have the equipment available. Ukcattleonline is a useful site, and you can type /dairy or beef after the address to take you to the type or breed that you want. also sells cattle and other livestock. Breeds often have their own societies. So, you might type the name of the breed into your search engine. There is a society for highland cattle - there is also Every breed has its society. You might, however, have to collect your cattle yourself unless you have a very amenable dealer. If you are seeking rare breeds, the rare breed survival trust can give you much advice. They can tell you where to buy them and give you advice on all their biological and legal requirements.

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British Horse Society: The facts

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