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Where to find cruises for singles

Singles cruises often have a stigma attached to for being raucous trips where people go purely to meet strangers for illicit reasons. However, singles tours offer a holiday experience for people who may be nervous about travelling alone, or who struggle to meet people their own age in their area, so they have the security of a network of fellow single travellers.

Online searching

If you type 'singles cruise' into a Google search engine, you will get hundreds of links back. Trips for singles have become very common and there are now a whole host of web sites that offer deals for those who wish to travel solo. Before booking anything, do some research on what you really want in your trip. If you are a 25-year old male who loves dancing and drinking, then you can sign up for an 18-30s cruise. However, if you are a 55-year old female, chances are you probably want something a little more chilled out. There are singles cruises for over 40s now, as well as those catering to gay, bisexual and lesbian people, so there really is something for everyone. There are many web sites, such as and, where you can search for the trip of your dreams.

Travel agent

Meet with an agent
Face to face contact with a travel agent will always be helpful, even if it is purely for research. They can advise you on the better trips for your specifications, and will have a whole host of special offers for you. They should also be able to give you previous testimonials from people who have gone on cruises for single people so, a travel agent should be able to answer all of your niggling questions. Booking a holiday
Before you get on your cruise, some sites will host you at a hotel with some other cruisers, or at least put you in touch with people you will be travelling with, so that you don't feel like you are with strangers when the trip starts. On the cruise itself, there are usually lots of group activities, so you can really get involved and get to know the people you are cruising with. Above all else, go and have fun! You are meeting new people, so see the world and have the time of your life!

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