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Where to find free games on the internet

Although computer games tend to be quite expensive, there are also a huge number of free online games available, and finding them is just a matter of knowing where to look.

Browser games

Kongregate is a website which plays host to thousands of free games from all different genres, and if you register an account with them, then it will save your high scores and allow you to save your progress in games. The games themselves range from five-minute time wasters to involved strategy games and role playing games which you could spend hours at a time on. The games are played from your browser window, so no downloads are necessary.
Mini Clip has been around for a long time and like Kongregate, it offers hundreds of games which can be played straight from your browser. For the most part, these have less depth or content to them than those featured on Kongregate, but there are still some real gems to be found.

Free MMO’s

Many massive multi-player online games are released for free on the Internet, with the developers instead making money through optional in game transactions. There are a lot to choose from, but ‘Runes of Magic’ does a good job of imitating World of Warcraft, and ‘Runescape’ is a tremendously popular browser based MMO, so they’re both good starting points.

Facebook games

You’ve probably heard of ‘Farmville’, the Facebook web game which took the world by storm. That is just one of many free social games available on Facebook. To find the rest, simply register an account or login to Facebook, select ‘apps’ and search for games.


With these tips, you should have a wealth of free games at your fingertips, but that’s just the start. To find even more just do a web search for ‘free games’ and dozens of gaming sites should turn up. They do generally fall into the category of casual games, social games or massive multi-player games. However, here are also some more conventional ones around, such as first person shooters and RPG’s, as well as a number of more unique and imaginative games than you tend to find on shop shelves. The other thing to be aware of is that with very few exceptions, they obviously won’t have the same production values as a game you’d be paying £40 for, but if you can overlook that, then many of them will provide you with a lot of fun.

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