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Where to find free online maths games

If you are looking to further your mathematical knowledge from the comfort of your own home (and without the use of boring textbooks), then academic games may be the solution. Learn more about the best online mathematical games and where to find them.


There are many ways to further your mathematical education without the use of textbooks and homework. Online mathematical games are becoming increasingly popular, providing an educational experience in a more accessible and enjoyable format.

Mathematical games

BBC Bitesize BBC Bitesize provides a wide variety of games for students, with a broad range of difficulty levels. Whether you are revising the absolute fundamentals of arithmetic or studying algebra at GCSE level, BBC Bitesize can accommodate. The games frequently go beyond the standard question and answer format, integrating concepts such as time and money. The unique nature of each game keeps the learning process from becoming monotonous, and most will even analyse your results to recommend areas where further study may be required. Another similar website is From the home page, you can access the maths arcade, which hosts 25 varied mathematical games. Each of these games can be tailored to user requirements, with a scale of 8-skill levels and personalised profiles. Unlike BBC Bitesize, aims to build examination skills by focusing on time constraints. Questions tend to be rapid-fire and only require a final answer, rather than a complete worked solution. Recently popularised by newspapers and magazines, Suduku puzzles are an excellent resource for the avid mathematical gamer. provides a practically infinite supply of suduku puzzles, once again at varying levels of difficulty. Simply refresh the page to receive a new puzzle. Suduku puzzles help to build upon the foundations of arithmetic, but also give an example of how simultaneous equations can be applied to a wide range of situations. There are many websites offering flash-based games, but most do not focus on any one genre. However, has effectively filtered the best online games with realistic physics engines. These games do not necessarily include direct mathematical questions, but many successfully model a wide range of physical and mechanical situations. This could be useful when studying for a mechanical mathematics examination, but is more likely to just keep you entertained and relieve the stress of revision.

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