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Where to find fun activities for kids

Finding indoor games, when the sky is cloudy and grey, can prove to be a daunting task sometimes. These days, kids are used to things, like reading a book, playing on the computer or the old standby, watching television. However, using just a bit of imagination can get you an afternoon with summer activities and fun arty games.


Prepare a dozen or so sandwiches, break out the cookie cutters, and let the youngster in your family or neighbourhood cut their sandwiches into shapes. Having fun with food can be a great indoor activity. While some children may be too young for this activity, there are plastic cookie cutters which are safer to use. Involve kids with cooking large family meals. You can give children small projects to do to help out with the larger family meal. Also, keep in mind that the Internet is full of recipes for no-cook play dough. Not only can the kids help make these simple recipes with minimal help from adults, but they have something to play with when their "cooking" is done.


Act out a favourite child's book
With most children, their attention can only be focused for small periods of time. So, focus on letting them be their own person. Assign roles for the kids to act out, while you read. Try to stay away from giving children lines to learn, unless you have an extensive amount of time and the group is bit older. It's fine if a game involves learning, but you don't want the kids feeling in school. Hence, you just need to make it play and make it fun.


Get crafty
Kids like to make things, and use their imagination. Some people might be surprised that all it takes is a few craft supplies and some adult supervision. Things, like sock or paper bag puppets, can be fun for kids to make, and can keep them busy for hours, especially if they put on a play when they're finished. There are many different craft ideas that you can find on the Internet or in craft stores, but some favourites are paper mache, making a diorama, colouring or even making a collage out of old magazines and newspapers. Arts and crafts games for kids are always fun. They've probably become used to these games at school.

Board games

Board games aren't boring With the latest technology occupying most of your children's time, it can be a nice way to get a group together, and have a little fun in a group. Whether it's the game of Operation, Monopoly or the game of Life, kids of all ages can end up having quite fun.

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