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Where to find information about Texas online

The state of Texas is a popular and vibrant tourist location in the United States of America. A wealth of information about Texas is available online, through officially recognised tourism websites, general travel websites and a wide range of forums and social networks. Browse all three of these sources to get the broadest impression of Texas before you travel to the Lone Star state.

Official sources The official tourism website of the Lone Star state can be found at
Here, a wealth of information is available to fulfil any traveller's needs, including detailed and useful sections regarding things to do, the different towns and cities and accommodation and travel. also hosts a multimedia area, where travellers can watch videos and officially endorsed materials regarding tourism in Texas. Travellers visiting can also order a hard copy of the state's official tourist guide. Click "Plan your trip" then "Travel guide" in order to do this. Travellers looking for more practical information about visiting Texas should visit the state's official department of transport website. Information regarding weather, which can be a particularly useful resource during hurricane season, travel-ways and government programs can be found here.

Travel websites

Unofficial Texas tourism websites A selection of unofficial Texas tourism websites can be found simply by performing an engine search with the query "Texas tourism". Visiting unofficial websites, such as or adds a good balance to the information available through official means, as, through these websites, you will find real-life customer reviews which may provide a more accurate account of different services and points of interest.

Forums and social networking

Unofficial Texas forums Although there is no official Texas tourism forum, perform engine searches to find resources such as the Lonely Planet forum regarding Texas. Here, not only can you read opinions and thoughts from people who have already travelled to Texas, but you can also ask questions of other tourists and Texas residents. Social networks Social networks are not necessarily always reliable, and information found here should be taken with caution. However, social networks can allow you to interact with current Texas residents or people who have previously travelled the Lone Star state, which provides you with an interesting and unique insight into travelling in Texas.

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