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Where to find linguist jobs

Linguistics, the study of the human language, is a multi-faceted field of study that can both be challenging and rewarding for those who are interested in it. Although most of us learn the basic linguistics through the study of grammar in school, the field goes much deeper and it is important for a variety of careers. Those educated in linguistics and who are looking for linguist careers will find rewarding work when they know where to look for employment.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an organisation that analyses intelligence to determine threats against the US and its interest. In addition to this, the organisation works with crimes and criminals that cross the US state borders. FBI linguist jobs
Based on its needs, the FBI looks for people who are able to speak, read, write and understand English and other languages fluently. In addition to interpreting work, FBI linguists may work for hostage negotiations, organised crime, drug trafficking and other aspects of FBI work. These professionals will be trained by the FBI, and applicants should expect a thorough background check.


Those with the linguistic skills and education may consider joining the military. Linguists in the military assist with interrogations and serve as interpreters between locals and military personnel. In addition to this, military linguists analyse, evaluate gathered intelligence and make reports on their findings for their commanders.

United Nations (UN)

Linguists who speak several global languages should consider working with the United Nations. Serving as a meeting point for the nations of the world, the UN is in need of people who possess fluency in several languages. Job possibilities for a linguist include serving as an interpreter for a war trial tribunal or serving as a translator in international negotiations. Those who wish to work in this organisation should contact the UN HR office.


Linguists are needed in institutions of higher learning. Those who possess the necessary education and skills may find that their talents are best served in educating the young minds in the field of linguistics. Teaching in a higher education institution can give the professor resources and time to pursue linguistic research. In addition to this, students can serve as an inexpensive source of research assistance. References
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