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Where to find medical case studies

Have you wondered about the latest cancer cure talked about in the news? Many new medical case studies are performed to prove the validity of new treatments. These research studies may be done over weeks, months or even years proving that a certain herb, drug or supplement can remedy a disease or ailment. Read more on where to find medical case studies.

Clinical case studies online

There is a very simple way to locate a medical case study online. You simply do a search for the item or drug that you are interested in. These clinical case studies can be found in two ways. You search and add in site: edu or gov. Some case studies can be found under site:org, but they may not be as authoritative as a government study. As an example: do a search for cancer cures (cancer cures site: gov). You will then be given all the latest information on cancer cures with websites attributed just to government. Government or educational case studies are best and the most reliable. If Dr. Oz does a case study on vitamin C and how it will cure cancer, you may not value his information as much as you would for a government study. A government study on the use of Nigella sativa for pancreatic cancer will bring strength to a thesis that you are writing or an article which you are detailing for print.

Medical books online

Another way to find case studies is by looking for free medical books online. There are a large amount of medical studies dictated in medical textbooks that are used to show you the efficacy of a proven treatment for any illness. Medical resources listed on any website will find value and prove the validity of the written word. Moreover, you can find free medical dictionaries online to help to explain the terms that you may not know in the medical books. Some medical books will be in doctor terminology, so you may need help to understand the medical case study completely. Medical case studies to be doubted What makes a case study worthwhile and to be considered valid? A one week case study using 12 people may not have validity in proving that tamofloxin is a valid drug with no long-time side effects. Some treatments and drugs will have a year long studies done and with the use of thousands of volunteers. Recently, a large newspaper published a study showing that ginger would help with the side effects of chemotherapy. The real truth is though, that ginger cannot be used in conjunction with any medicine. Careful checking would have shown that this case study is full of flaws.

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