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Where to find music and audio jobs

There are many career paths into the broadcasting industries, where training for music and audio jobs is most often gained. Radio and television and the music industry are the sectors where most jobs in the field are available, but what careers are available and where?

Training for music and audio jobs

So widespread are the uses of audio equipment that experience is easily gained. There will be synthesisiers, PA systems and computerised composing and recording facilties in many UK schools and colleges where experience can be gained. Local theatres and arts centres offering amateur productions may welcome volunteers to handle the technical side.
Industry training Apprenticeships and training are still offered by the BBC, the UK's state-owned national broadcasting service. These have always been available to a limited number of applicants each year. Try BBC website or Guardian newspaper Media jobs section to find out about these courses.
University training Many UK universities now offer practical training alongside theoretical training in Media and Film departments. Some universities have dedicated popular music departments and even train Disc jockeys on foundation level courses. Most universities offer basic training in using Information Technology and enable the development of knowledge and experience of electronic equipment. A course in Animation, for instance, will include hands-on sound effects and music soundtrack experience.

Finding jobs in music and audio

The BBC careers department will know about BBC vacancies, but there are other broadcasters. Look out in the press for jobs events.
University networking If your university offers alumni networking events that are industry-themed, take the trouble to attend these. Often. university departments offering practice based degrees will form partnerships with production companies and invite industry professionals to come in and speak to students. Network with these people if you can. Internships and work experience also offer opportunities to build up networks and gain access to job interviews.
Creative jobs If you are a music creator, such as a songwriter or singer, you need to develop networks and work at your career in an entrepreneurial way. could provide you with a professional network and career structure to work towards.
Websites In such a technical profession, information about careers can mainly be found on the net . Try or or as these sites offer thousands of current job opportunities.

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