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Where to find online audio books

You have different options to listen to books. You can find free books on mp3 online from sites, such as Project Gutenberg. You can also rent books online, and check them out from public libraries through OverDrive. If you want to buy audio books, you can get top audio books from, which is owned by

Where to find free audio books

Project Gutenberg
There are many kids' audio books and free talking books, available at Project Gutenberg, which is found at If you are at a site, that has Project Gutenberg in the name, but is charging for books, you are at a sneaky site, that has copied the content and is trying to sell the very books that Project Gutenberg wants to offer for free. All of the books on and are in the public domain, which means that you can find many classic stories to listen to, such as The Three Musketeers. Playing the audio files To listen to books, you can click on the title and play it on your computer, or you can save books as audio files to play on your iPod or mp3 player. The Gutenberg audio books are mp3 files, ogg files, and wav files. You can right click the file to save it to your computer, and then, import the file into your "audio books" file on your music manager. This way, your device may use the fine-tuned audio setting for voice recordings, instead of music settings.

Where to buy audio-books

Purchase at Audible You can buy audio books, plays, and audio stories at, an audio book store owned by Amazon. Audible has one of the largest collections of audio books in the UK and it gets the best new audio books as new releases. They have different sections, such as fiction, non-fiction, and kids' story books. You can buy a single book or you can sign up for a membership plan, which will allow you to get audio books for a discount. Audio book downloads
You can listen to your audio books on your computer, on an mp3 player or iPod, or you can listen to the Audible app on your phone. The audio book downloads directly to your computer through the Audible manager, and you can then import them into iTunes or transfer the the books to your device. Downloading books can take time, because of the file sizes, but you can make the process faster by changing the quality of the file.

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