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Where to find online chemistry courses

There are many online resources available to help you to gain a solid understanding of chemistry. Whether you are working towards a degree or just hoping to grasp the foundations, learn from home for free.


Whether you are studying for a degree or you just want a basic introduction to the subject, there are many online resources available to help you to learn chemistry. The first thing to do is to decide what level of knowledge you hope to gain. If you are working towards a specific qualification, such as a GCSE or A-level, it becomes much easier to refine your search.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize offers a comprehensive guide to the basics of chemistry. It boasts the facility to filter information based on the individual course that you are studying, including the examination board that you have selected. Stepwise methods and concise paragraphs help you to learn all that you need to know, whilst not influencing your knowledge with unnecessary details. Once you have established the basics, there are extensive lists of practice examination papers with worked solutions. Once these are complete, the website will analyse your results and recommend areas that you may wish to revise.

Examination boards

One of the best ways to prepare for any examination is to consider all the available past papers and their associated reports. Most examination boards will offer past papers on their website, which are usually free to download. Edexcel is particularly notable when researching past papers as its database is extensive and completely free to access. You can also consider reading the examination reports of each paper that you complete. Examinations fluctuate greatly in difficulty, and the reports will explain areas that were generally poorly received. These areas should be key focus points.

Online experts

AnswersYahoo and WikiAnswers If you have a specific chemistry query that your textbook just cannot answer, there are many online experts available to help. Chances are high that you are not the first person to ask your question, and it can be surprising how often a simple web search can unveil the answer. Websites such as AnswersYahoo and WikiAnswers can frequently be of use. However, never accept an answer without a worked solution that you can comprehensively follow. Otherwise, you risk being misinformed. If you have searched the web and still cannot find a valid solution, then there are many appropriate forums which are accessible to receive your query. Websites such as have threads dedicated to any subject at any level, and most questions will be answered within the hour by other users. Once again, you should never accept a solution without comprehensive and logical reasoning.

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