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Where to find pictures of frogs

Frogs come in many shapes and sizes. There are over 5,000 species of frog distributed worldwide, from tropical to sub-arctic regions and are considered as one the most diverse vertebrate group on the planet. This article will give some information about the life history of frogs and where you can find some cool photos of these amazing animals.

Froggy facts

Frog life-cycle
Egg to tadpole Frogs are amphibians, which means that they require water for reproduction and the development of their eggs. Typically, frogs lay thousands of gelatinous eggs in pools of water, or ponds, rarely sea water where they will develop for around a week. Tadpole to frog When the eggs hatch, tadpoles emerge, which have external gills and a vertically flattened tail for swimming. As they develop, tadpoles grow lungs, legs and lose their tail. During the tadpole stage, they are very vulnerable to predation. Adult
Once metamorphosis is complete and the adult life stage has been reached, the fully grown frog may leave the water, but can also remain in the aquatic environment. The adult frog is typically carnivorous and will feed on insects, small mammals, birds and fish, depending on the species and size.

Interesting frog photos

Frog photos
Mongabay If you want images of frogs from various parts of the world, a great site is Once on this site, click on photos, then scroll down to find frogs and you can view frogs based on which country they are from. Seapics Another very cool website to check out is If you search this site with the keyword 'frog', you will get hundreds of frog images. Starting at the home page, if you scroll down and search next to the Amphibian menu, you should get an option of 'Life cycle of frogs'. Check this out for a series of images showing the metamorphosis from egg to adult. Google Type frog photos into Google, then click on images and you will get a vast array of frog images to choose from, including frog art, animated frogs, and photos of every species of frog imaginable. If you scroll down the side of Google images, you can choose to filter your search. So, if you would like to find frog drawings, you can easily have the website filter these out for you.

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The African clawed frog

The African clawed frog

The African clawed frog is the only clawed amphibian and is found in Sub-Saharan Africa, with one species found in the South East and another in the West. It is characterised by a number of claws on its feet and some other distinguishing characteristics which render it quite different from other frogs. It is a species that dwells in rivers and ponds.