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Where to find plastering courses in the UK

Traces of early plastering use date back to at least 9,000 years ago. Even the Egyptians knew about plastering: they used a rudimentary form of it when building the Great Pyramid 5,000 years ago. The use of plastering continued through the ages and still continues nowadays. You can become skilled in the craft of plastering by taking courses. Read this article to know where to find plastering courses in the UK.

Able Skills

Able Skills is a company that was founded in 2002. It is able to offer "qualifications in every subject we cover, right up to NVQ Level three". The trainers of Able Skills are all "City & Guilds trained, CAA approved and are A1 Assessors and VI Internal Verifiers in their own right" which makes them qualified to teach the classes that they do. Able Skills offers plastering courses for those who wish to learn. Through these courses, one can gain the necessary skills as well as the NVQ.

Construction Training Services

Construction Training Services is a company that has been offering
construction-related building courses since 2002. According to the site, "most of [the] courses have been accredited by nationally-recognised organisations". Constriction Training Services offers two plastering courses: one that lasts a week and another that lasts six weeks. The six-week course will allow you to "work towards a National Qualification and attain your CSCS Card."

Gold Trowel Construction Training

Gold Trowel Construction Training claims that it offers the best "plastering courses at UK's number one Plastering Course Training Centre". The company offers "various City & Guilds Plastering Courses and NVQ Plastering Courses, NVQ Tiling Courses, K-Rend Courses, Rendering and Bricklaying Courses”. Information The Company offers pre-training information for its students which includes DVDs about plastering, tiling, examination paper, tiling and bricklaying manuals.
For those who are self-employed or unemployed, the Gold Trowel Construction Training is able to offer discounts on their training courses. Other courses Not only can one take courses to learn how to plaster a wall, but one can also take courses in Venetian plastering as well, such as marble plastering courses. Other course offerings are polished plastering courses, polished cement flooring courses, clay plastering courses and plumbing courses. The company states that it offers "the most realistic scenarios and training in the UK". The hands-on training is offered on the site.

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