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Where to find practice permit tests

The driving licence tests in the U.K. is a test which everyone must pass to be able to drive unrestricted. Therefore, learning to drive and the driving license test itself have taken on great literal and symbolic significance for millions of Britons . In this article, we will give a guide to the process, particularly where one can do practice tests, focusing on the U.K.

Starting to drive and the theory test

Getting a provisional and finding an instructor Once one has gone through the rigorous process of applying for a provisional license (a learner's permit, essentially), they can start looking for an instructor. Many people will learn with family or friends, typically the latter because they often own a car and have considerable driving experience. Even if the learner learns with parent/s, they will nearly always need to find a proper, licensed driving instructor to learn with too. This is due to friends and family typically not being able to devote the necessary time for the learner to pass. Theory test Once the learner has had quite a few lessons, the instructor will usually start prompting them to think about taking their theory test – the first driver permit test of two which the learner needs to pass. It is necessary to have a fair few lessons before doing this because a good knowledge of road signs and systems is needed. The first part of ‘the theory’ is multiple choice, comprising questions on driving scenarios, car requirements and road signs. The second part is the ‘hazard perception’ part, where the learner must correctly identify potential hazards in a video of someone driving filmed with a point of view camera from the driver’s perspective. To pass, the learner must score over 42 out of 50 in the first section and over 43 out of 75 in the second.

Where to practice the driving tests

Where to practise this There is a wealth of books which have the official theory test questions in to learn from. There are several sites online which do practice tests and give you your results to check your progess. The official DSA website has practice tests and Driving-test-success and Theory-test are both good unofficial ones (they have many official questions though). Practice practical tests The practical driving test is where the learner is given full control of a designated car for 40 minutes and must drive well enough for the (independent) examiner to deem no serious flaws in your driving. Due to the sheer numbers of learners, the DSA deem it unfeasible to offer official practice practical tests. However, any good instructor will do practice tests or ‘mock’ tests where they mark it as if they were an official examiner.

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