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Where to find scrubs and medical clothing

Some professions require that one must be in clothing distinct from the rest of the crowd. This helps to easily identify the staff,and maintain a touch of professionalism. The medical profession requires workers to be in uniform, as long as they are in the workplace. While reading this article, one may need to know where to buy medical clothing and scrubs.

The importance of medical scrubs

Scrubs are special medical clothing used for safety and sanitary purposes, while working within a hospital environment. They were introduced in hospitals, as a way of protecting hospital staff from contaminants obtained from the work environment and work-related dirt. Formerly, they were being used by surgeons only, but nowadays, this is a
must-have attire for any medical practitioner. As opposed to the formerly used lab coats, scrubs are inexpensive. Hence, they are easy to replace. They are also made in such a way that dirt is not likely to hide, therefore ensuring high levels of cleanliness. They usually come in various colours, but blue, green and white are the most common. They are also loose-fitting, and therefore, comfortable to wear for long working hours.

Where to buy medical scrubs

It's normal for most hospitals to purchase a number of pairs of scrubs for their employees. On the other hand, some employers expect that the staff members buy their own medical attire. This also applies in the case of medic students, who have to cater for their medical and lab attire. An employer or institution may give different colour codes for different departments of the hospital. The staff members are, hence, allowed to purchase their own scrubs by following the colour code. There are numerous local and online stores where one can buy medical clothing.
Online medical scrubs stores These have gained popularity in the recent past, as they are believed to offer cheaper costs. Examples of online stores include:
Uniform and Scrubs It is an online store where one can access scrubs suits, pants, caps and tops. They sell clothing from a wide range of branded manufactures including Cherokee, Jockey Scrubs, Greys Anatomy, BARCO uniforms.
Grahame Gardener Ltd This is also a trusted supplier of medical clothing for over a hundred years. It is the official supplier of NHS medical scrubs hence, their credibility for quality is proven.
Direct from manufacturers One may also decide to buy from individual suppliers rather than buying from second-party suppliers and stockists. Such manufacturers of medical scrubs include, but are not limited to: - Dickies,
- Allheart,
- White Swan,
- Nurse Mates,
- Cherokee,
- Landau,
- Grey’s Anatomy,
- Jockey Scrubs,
- Los Angeles Rose.


For all this branded medical scrubs manufacturers, chances are very high that their products will be available at any ideal medical shopping stores.

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