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Where to find truck parts for cheap

Going out to buy a new truck is a lot easier than keeping the one that you have road-worthy. A fleet manager has to walk a fine line between spending to keep DAF parts for DAF trucks in stock, or not spending and hoping to get them at the last minute, should he require them. This is where a good supplier like HGV can be useful to supply cheap truck parts or bus parts whenever required. This article provides a guide to finding truck parts for cheap.

HGV direct

Apart from being an online eCommerce ready company, HGV has several depots. They have a large product line in trucks and trailer parts, including air brakes, electrical and lighting parts, exhausts, brake hydraulics, etc. To top off all the branches and depots and parts that they sell, HGV trucks and a fleet of mobile truck vans are used by their Trucktek Service division.


A good place to buy truck parts is from the truck manufacturer's appointed dealers. While it may not be the cheapest source, it does work out to be affordable in the long run since the genuine parts usually last longer than aftermarket OEM parts. The dealer parts also come with a solid guarantee, and they're always available for service and after-sales issues.


However, since budgets don't always match up to needs, buying used wheels sometimes works out better than shelling out for 4x4 spares from the official dealer. After all, a truck 4x4 wheel costs quite a lot, and used parts come at a huge discount to the retail or wholesale price of new parts. There are companies like Truck Busters ( which have connections with a large salvage network, and which can offer all kinds of reclaimed spare parts for vans, lorries, trucks and buses.


OEM parts can cut the cost by as much as 50% without any compromise on the performance or quality of the parts purchased. Provided that it is purchased from a trustworthy source, the only difference between the manufacturer's genuine parts and the OEM parts bought on the aftermarket is the price and the brand name. There are companies like Imex ( and sites like where buyers can get cheap OEM parts for a steal. has an inventory of thousands of parts for just about every truck make and model. Imex is an established company with seven depots that supplies 15,000 customers with original and replacement parts.

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