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Where to get a fire truck siren ringtone

A fire truck siren ringtone is a very cool ringtone because it has the ability to surprise or shock anyone who listens to the ringtone. Whether you are doing it because of the fire engine siren sound or because you want to scare someone, it is a great ringtone to have in your collection as it can create some memorable moments. This article describes where to get a fire truck siren ringtone.

Where to find free ringtones

Google The easiest way to get a fire truck siren is to find one online. The sound is very common and ubiquitous, so you should have no trouble in finding the sound that you want. Google either 'fire truck ringtone' or 'fire truck sound.' There will be many results ranging from different download websites to YouTube, but you have to be careful as you do not want to download viruses or malware. The best thing to do is to download a tone that has already been downloaded numerous times. You will also want to make sure that you check the comments of those who have downloaded the ringtone on the website. By doing this, you should be able to get a siren sound effect very quickly and easily. Just transfer it over to your phone, and set it as your default ringtone!

How to make your own

If you want to make your own siren sound, then you have a few options. You can either get a sound track of a firetruck from the web, or you can record it yourself. Obviously, getting it from the web is the easier method. Mp3 What you want to search for is a siren mp3 sound effect. The format will of course, depend on your phone, but most phones nowadays are mp3 ringtone compatible ones. Sound editing program Then, you will need to load it to a sound editing program and cut out the part that you want to play when you receive a call. You can choose to let the siren start out softly and then get ridiculously loud, or you can let it start very loud. By using a sound editing program, you can easily create any of these effects. For this reason, it is a good idea to get a stock sound and to customise it yourself.

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