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Where to get flood damage assessed

People who own or rent a home will need to have insurance to protect their homes and belongings from natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods. Those who have had a flood in their area will need to get the level of damage assessed so that they can make a claim.

Where to get flood damage assessed for insurance purposes

People who have experienced a flood in their home will need to contact their insurer and make a claim on damage to their home or property. In most cases, the insurer will send an assessor to look over the flooded area. They will then assess the value of the damage the flood has caused. Replacement
Those who have a replacement policy will have their personal items replaced while those who have a sum insured policy will receive a cash payment. Once the claim has been processed, some insurance companies will raise the deductible on floods related damage. Increase in premium
Also, as the consumer has made a claim, they should expect their home insurance policy premium to increase in the next year. This is because in most cases, the customer will have lost their no claims bonus discount.

Advice for people who do not have insurance

People who have a small flood in their home do not have many options if they do not have insurance. In the majority of cases, these people will need to clean up after the flood and replace their belongings with their own money. When there has been structural damage to the home after a flood, tenants can call their landlord to perform flood damage repair. Help from the public sector
Those who are a victim of a flood that has affected their whole suburb or city may be entitled to help from the government. When there is a flood that causes significant damage to a certain area, many councils and governments put out recovery packages. Recovery packages
These packages are designed to help flood victims survive through the aftermath of a natural disaster and get back to normal life as soon as possible. People who are in this situation should listen to the radio, watch television or contact their local government bodies to find out details about which government recovery packages they are entitled to.

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