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Where to get free Samsung ringtones

There are a variety of places where you can look to get free ringtones. These sites usually give out free ringtones for all types of cellphones including Samsung ringtones. is one of the many sites which you can use to get your favorite ringtones for your Samsung cellphone.

Use your web browser to type in "Phonezoo" into your search box and click "Search." Select the first result which appears on the page. is a free ringtone website which allows you to get all of your favourite ringtones for your phone.

Make an account

Go to the top of the page and click on where it says "Sign Up" to create an account with the site and begin downloading ringtones. If you have a Facebook account, then you can create an account on using your Facebook account.

Find the Samsung ringtone

Use the search bar on the website to type in the name of the song which you are looking for. You can use the "Top ringtones of all-time" option to find a cool ringtone for yourself. Click on the result which matches what you are looking for. You can also search different ringtones on the site based on what category they fit into. Click on the play button underneath the song title to listen to the ringtone and determine if this is the one which you want to download.

Download ringtone

To get the ringtone, click on the button displaying "Send to phone". In order to make sure that this process goes faster, make sure that you are logged in before you press this button. This will allow you to continue with the process instead of having to log in again. Once you select this button, then the ringtone will be sent to your phone. In the sign-up process, you included your phone number so that the site could easily send you the Samsung ringtones you want for your phone.

Set as ringtone

Once the ringtone you receive from is sent to your phone, then you can open it and save it as a ringtone. Whenever you need a new Samsung ringtone for your cell phone, you know where to find one.

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