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Where to get online medical advice

Web health advice is available in abundance and it is important to differentiate between sources that are reliable and sources that are biased. Speaking to medical professionals online is now possible, as is gaining impartial articles that can help you to recognise symptoms. Read this article to know where to get online medical advice.

Avoid getting advice from forums

When it comes to seeking out medical advice, you will often find that there are forums filled with people waiting to offer you guidance based on their opinions and experiences. It is better to steer clear of such advice, as whilst it is often well detailed, it is also likely not to be the correct medical info for you. The exception to the forum rule You may occasionally find that a medical expert visits or runs a forum, this will be more common on a medical site than it will be on a more generic site. In such cases, it is okay to heed the advice if such an expert answers your question directly. However, if you have doubts, you should seek further guidance.

Symptom checkers

When it comes to finding medical advice online and forming health care opinions, symptom checkers can be quite novel and very useful. There is a range of symptom checkers available online, many of which can point you in the right direction when it comes to taking the next step. Free medical symptom checkers Nowadays, there are a few free medical symptom checkers available online. Many can offer great generic advice, but they may not be as effective in pinning down specific signs and symptoms as paid checkers. Paid medical symptom checkers You may also want to try a paid medical symptom checker for more in-depth advice. Such symptom checkers are still relatively cheap and can be a worthwhile investment if you are looking to seek effective and fast medical advice.

Speak to medical professionals online

Live medical professional chat Websites such as offer a range of medical professionals that can give you guidance. Such professionals will have had their qualifications checked by the team at, so you can rest assured that the advice that you are getting is accurate. Medical advice via email There is a range of websites out there that will allow you to list your symptoms to a medical professional, and one will get back to you via email. This is similar to having a live web chat, except you will find that you have more control over how much you spend. Always remember
There is no substitute for the real thing. Online medical advice is great for out-of-hours worries. However, for something more comprehensive, do make sure that you see a doctor face to face.

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