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Where to look for UK job vacancies

There are many places to look to find current details of UK jobs vacancies. If looking for jobs in specific fields, register with specialist recruitment agencies and websites. Be aware that employers require proof of aptitude and ability in the form of educational and professional qualifications.

Jobs in the UK

Skills shortages lead to employment opportunities. In the UK, these are usually in places where specific high level skills are essential, such as nursing, teaching, and engineering jobs. Skills in Information Technology are more universally applicable, but jobs are equally specialised in training requirements.
Jobs in computers Almost, every workplace in the UK now utilises computers and IT, which means that there are many jobs for IT support workers, both technical and operational. Specialist recruitment in IT does exist, but many employers advertise these directly. IT companies in the UK may recruit their own apprentices, but many will prefer to take on staff with appropriate diplomas or degrees in place.

Training in IT

Some IT opportunities offer work-based learning as part of the employment package. Other applicants would benefit from a two-year foundation degree as a first step towards an honours degree. The diploma gives basic training in aspects of IT, including business applications of it, to support business jobs and beginner careers in IT.
Degrees in computing Specialist skills are now taught as part of university study in IT. Degrees are available in web systems development, IT management for business, or computing specialisms in information systems, application development or systems and software.

Jobs in hospital

Britain's vast free National Health Service sustains most hospitals, and trains or sets the training standard for the workforce there. Nurse jobs in these hospitals will go to qualified individuals. For temporary nursing contracts, the nurse would join an agency's books, or be a stand-by 'bank' nurse.
Career nurses Career nurses who wish to progress to greater responsibility, as ward manager or matron, for instance, would always have a nursing degree, and would be required to 'top up' the qualification with new knowledge every few years. They would search or for new employment.
Nurse agencies Recruitment of nurses on varied contracts is often tendered to agencies advertising on the Internet, such as,, or

Where to look for UK vacancies

Specific career publications advertise vacancies. Knowledge of these is usually gained while in training. Trainers often offer trainees access to employers and jobs boards.
Newspapers Career specific trade papers carry jobs advertisements, as do The Times and the Guardian broadsheets. All these publications have also websites.
Agencies Candidates can leave their CV and employment history and be on call for attending interviews, etc. Sign up with an Internet based agent for fast updates on new vacancies.

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