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Where to look for animator jobs

The animation sector of the UK culture industries offers many jobs in animation to people with the correct qualifications. Animation courses and animation training are available, both through the industry and through UK universities. Where should you look for animation training and animator jobs?

Animator apprenticeships

Apprenticeships that give the opportunity to 'earn while you learn' the job of a worker in the media industries are now available. Participating companies give workplace training at no extra cost to themselves, and trainees attend college for job-specific education. Apprentice qualifications The Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media is
government-subsidised for trainees who are aged between 16 and 18 years, and includes a qualification when finished. This qualification will either be the OCR Level 3 Certificate for Creative Media or the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Creative and Digital Media.

Skillset animation apprenticeships

Information about government-subsidised apprenticeships is found at the web pages on training and qualifications, where information is also found about the more academically-based foundation courses. Find an animation apprenticeship by emailing the address on the Skillset qualifications - apprenticeships page. Animator jobs network Serving an apprenticeship takes the animator within the industry, where a network of contacts with other animators, and insider knowledge of forthcoming projects will bring the job opportunities.

Animation industry networking

Animation, more than any other UK media industry, finds its recruits for job vacancies, rather than recruits finding the jobs. The industry is least likely to advertise in print media, for instance, although that animation studios do advertise some jobs on the Internet. Skillset reports that only two percent of the employees applied directly to employers for jobs, because this is the ultimate networking industry. Animation industry networks The majority of jobs are offered through being contacted by an employer or by being recommended through personal contacts made, while working in the industry. This means that apprenticeships, work experience placements, internships for university students and the involvement of industry professionals in judging the students' practical projects are vital pathways to the animator jobs network.

Finding animator jobs

For more experienced workers, there are several strategies for finding work in the animation industry. - Keep an updated CV of your animation career and post it on websites of animation companies such as Aardman. Watch their vacancies pages for new jobs. - Look online for companies that specialise in bringing professionals together, such as, which also advertises jobs available. - Use online magazines that detail job vacancies in the global animation industry, such as Mandy's Film and TV Production Directory at
Computer animation jobs and artists jobs are in high demand, but there are many other specialised roles that are available for qualified animators.

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