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Where to look for materials science jobs

To enter into materials science careers, you will need higher qualifications in materials science. Once you have achieved these qualifications, it will be time for you to find work in industry. As a materials sciences graduate, you may find work in exciting fields, such as the motorsport and aerospace industries or in nanotechnology and biomechanical companies. Find out more about where to find materials science jobs.

Areas of work

Materials sciences graduates may work in the following areas: -Materials Manufacturing Industries
-Electronics Industries
-Medical Research
-Automotive and Aerospace Industries
-Universities Financial Institutions -Technology Consultancy Agencies
-Technical Journalism
-Forensic Science
-Technical Sales and Marketing
-Research and Development Industries Quality assurance The expertise of a materials science graduate is required all over the world. Many graduates from the UK may find themselves taking up work overseas.

Potential employers

The following companies employ materials science graduates: -Rolls Royce
-Williams Formula One
-Marks and Spencer
-Vodafone; British Nuclear Fuels
-BP As a materials science engineer, you may find yourself working for small, medium or large sized companies.


To enter into materials science jobs, you will require a degree in materials science. This degree pathway will allow you to enter into numerous fields, such as the motorsport and aerospace industries and nanotechnology and biomechanical companies. Your degree course will teach you about problem solving, embarking on project work and designing with materials. It may be wise to choose a course which offers you a work placement in industry. This will serve to enhance your CV and increase your prospects of acquiring a materials sciences career. Your materials science degree will provide you with a background in the physical sciences and in mathematics. This will undoubtedly render you a versatile and desirable graduate. In addition to the wide range of theoretical and practical competencies you will gain, you should also expect to enhance your ability to analyse data and assess risks throughout the course of your degree.

Salary range

As a materials sciences graduate, you should expect to earn between £20,000 and £25,000 per annum. The total salary earned will be dependent on the location in which you work, your work responsibilities, your level of professional experience and the qualifications you have to your name. A materials science graduate with a first degree should expect to earn less than an employee who has completed postgraduate education. In addition to a salary, a materials science graduate may benefit from a pension scheme and health care insurance. The benefits offered will depend on the company for which you work.

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