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Where to look for villas in Barbados

Barbados is perfect for a holiday in luxurious villas near the beach. The great villas in Barbados are located on the western and southern coastline. The tiny country is divided into eleven parishes that are named after saints and Christ Church. It is 34-kilometres in length and 23-kilometres in width. Barbados is a Caribbean island which is located in the Atlantic Sea.

Great accommodation on the western shore

All the great accommodations in Barbados lie in the five western parishes of St Lucy, St Peter, St James, St Michael and Christ Church. There are great Barbados vacation rentals at Oyster Bay, Mullins Beach, Gibbs Bay and Schooner Bay. Barbados tourism is concentrated around Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, Holetown and Speightstown. Till November 1966, Barbados was a British colony, and the charm of the island lies in exploring 300 years of British culture.

Nightclubs and a pirate schooner

The Barbados flag with its blue triband with gold in the centre represents the golden beaches, the blue skies and the ocean. The broken trident represents the sea and the broken ties of colonialism. Bridgetown is the destination of many luxury cruises. It has many nightclubs and some of the best Barbados hotels. A spectacular experience can be had on the pirate schooner ‘Jolly Roger 1’. It serves an excellent rum punch.

Seven bedrooms

Mullins Beach in St Peter has dream villas with three to five rooms. A dozen people can be accommodated in these villas and additional guests can stay in a romantic seafront cottage. It has sparkling blue swimming pools. One of the charming, but expensive villas is Fustic House in St Lucy. It has seven bedrooms and is built on an 11-acre estate.

Barbados budget hotel

Traditional villas dot the western shore along with luxury hotels in Barbados. A typical villa that is made in a Spanish style on Glitter Bay, St Peter will have a swimming pool, two to three bedrooms, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, VCR and cable TV. There is provision for a barbecue party. It will also have a jacuzzi and an excellent view of the sea. All modern machines like refrigerators, washing machines, electric kettles, toasters and microwave are available. There are also cheap Barbados hotels to suit someone seeking a Barbados vacation on a budget. A Barbados resort complex has many economical apartments to suit everyone. Holidays in Barbados can be fun-filled with catamaran rides, sunset cocktail cruises and Bajan life buffet lunches. Everyone speaks English or its Bajan variation, but one soon learns to understand the accent and local words. Rentals Rentals in Barbados are a bit high because of Barbados’ popularity. On the other hand, one can always find Barbados beach hotels and Barbados budget hotels to have an excellent time.

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