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Where to look when you need cash now

When you need some quick cash now, it's time to think outside of the box. You can get good or bad credit loans today from specialist niche lenders. Same day payday stores, pawn shops and credit unions are some of the best places to turn to when you urgently need fast cash to pay an emergency bill.

Where you can get money now

When you're struggling to meet your financial obligations, you can get cash fast from one of the growing list of guaranteed cash advance lenders. You can get $500 fast cash without the need to pass a credit check. Regardless of where you apply, you'll receive the money within a maximum of 24 hours. You may even get instant cash now from a couple of these lenders. Pawn shops
Pawnbrokers are the ideal place to turn to when you need money fast. It is largely because the cash is handed to you over the counter within a few minutes. They offer an advance that is secured against an item of value, such as a gold bracelet. The term is usually a month, but you can extend the agreement by clearing any interest that has accrued. Credit unions
People join a credit union on the basis of a shared interest, such as employment or locality. Once you become a member, you can get money now for any purpose. They will even work with you to make sure that the repayments are affordable. If you run into financial difficulties, they are far more likely to show sympathy than any of the for-profit alternatives. Payday lenders
Provided that you are in full-time employment, have your own bank account and can provide two forms of identification, acceptance for a cash payday loan is guaranteed. You can borrow up to $1000 for a calendar month in most states. If you apply before 2.30 pm, the funds are guaranteed to reach your account on the same day.

What's the cost of $500 fast cash?

When you need immediate cash, you should expect to pay a bit more for that luxury. It normally costs $100 to $125 to borrow $500 for a month. Repayment schedule
However, the short duration of the loan means that the repayment schedule is relatively affordable. Repayment problems tend to arise when you don't have a viable way of repaying the debt on the due date. Illegal activities
Payday lenders are strictly regulated and their activities are sometimes prohibited by state law. For example, they are illegal in New York. So, the only way you can get one is over the Internet or through an out of state call center. It's more common to find that there is a borrowing limit or a cap on the maximum amount that you can borrow.

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