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Where to pay lower used van prices

A van is a necessity for many people and purchasing one is an important decision. There are many new and used vans available for sale and prices can vary from one place to the next. With some careful research, there are ways to pay lower prices or indeed places to look to pick up a cheap van.

Trade in

If your van is going to replace your car, look for the best trade in price. If you're looking to replace a van, then find the best part exchange deal. Vans Direct ( has a unique part exchange scheme offering the best value for your old van.


Merthyr Motor Auctions MMA, also, is a family run business with over 30 years experience in the industry. They are the only auction in Europe to sell only fleet vehicles and claim to save over 50% of garage prices. Most vehicles come with service history and warranties, and are available without a reserve, meaning that the chances of picking up a bargain are more likely. British Car Auctions BCA ( hold specialist van auctions regularly throughout the country. There are three dedicated sites at BCA Measham, Newport and Belle Vue. They sell vans of any age and value.


Ebay Visit for potential van bargains. Car buyers and van buyers alike, use the site regularly to search for money saving commercial vehicles. Ebay operates as an online auction. Bids are final and unless you make a special trip to view the vehicle, you'll have to trust the owner's descriptions. Bargains are not as substantial as they once were as owners hold out for the best prices, but it's still possible to obtain a cheap van. Vans Direct Vans Direct claim to offer new vans at used van prices due to bulk buying and therefore, making all their vans cheap vans. They are the UK's largest independent retailer of commercial vehicles and stock over 2000 low cost vans. Vans Direct offer a speedy, free and quality delivery, cheap finance options and help in finding cheap van insurance. Trade Vans Direct Visit for a reliable, well-maintained used van. Launched in 2004, Trade Vans Direct stock over 1500 commercial vehicles at its six sites at Banbury, Bridlington, Colchester, Darlington, Norwich and Newmains. All the cheap vans have a mileage between 60,000 and 150,000 miles and are mechanically sound. There are other websites offering cheap vans. With a bit of time and research, a bargain priced van can be found.

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