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Where to perform a free photo upload

After spending the day capturing those elusive and candid shots, you are pretty proud of your work, but what are you going to do now? Where will you upload them to share and store? Don't worry, there are several great places on the Internet where you can upload and store photos to make sure that they are safe. Read the following to find out more.


-Flickr is by far one of the more popular sites for photographers who want to store and share pictures. -For the backyard photographer and professional alike, this is a great free place to store your pictures, create photo streams and share images online with friends and family. -Flikr offers photo hosting for free with a limited amount of space. If you run out of space, they offer you additional space for a small price. -Photographer communities are quite important to those who are starting out in photography, even for those who consider themselves pro-hobbyists. Flickr has met this need quite well. Its community seems to promote a more professional approach to the world of photography. -Flickr is a Yahoo-based site so, if you have a Yahoo account, you can also have a Flickr account.


-Compared to Flickr, Photobucket has nearly the same features, pricing, as well as the same amount of free space given. However, the difference between the two is about the attractiveness of the sites itself. -Photobucket has a more inviting appearance and hence, it attracts many people. However, in terms of user-friendliness, it would seem that Flickr might be a bit easier to use than Photobucket. -In terms of a community, Photobucket seems to gear it more towards a social networking model, which is great for those who prefer a social network. However, if you are looking for serious discussions about photography and photographic techniques, this might not fulfill your needs.


-Though this picture hosting site is rich with features and easy to use, it seems to be having a hard time catching on. -The free account holders can upload 200MBs of photos per month for online sharing. It has a nice little editing feature and it organises your photos into files based on your needs. -It is also part of the Google empire, which makes us wonder why it is not as popular as the giant search engine. -One of the biggest draws to uploading your pictures to photo websites like Picassa, Flickr or Photobucket is that your pictures are stored off-site, which means that if something happens to your computer, your pictures will remain safe.

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Red eye removal from pictures

Red eye removal from pictures

Red eye is an immediately recognisable problem in photography, which results in one or both of the subject's eyes being blotted out by a large red dot, usually over the iris. It is caused by the camera flash bouncing off the subject's retina. If it's not corrected before printing, it can ruin the photo. Red eye removal is usually a simple process which can be done in-camera or during post-processing using one of many software programs.
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