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Where to play free army games online

There are many websites online, where the user can play free army games. Most people think that you have to pay, but instead the developers put ads on their games so that they can make money while you play for free. In this article, you will learn where these previously unknown sites are, and the quality of the games on the site (all are free to play).

First site: is a Russian game developer, which makes online multi-player games. Step 1: Go to Step 2: Click on "games" on the upper left corner. Step 3: On the top of the page, they have Russia's Army & Nextgen. Step 4: Click on either game, and follow in-game instructions. Step 5: Install any necessary plug-ins. It is to be noted that there are no viruses in this site.

Site 2:

World of Tanks is a new MMO made in Italy, but available in English, and is 3D. It is of the territorial war genre. Step 1: Visit Step 2: Click on "Play" (big red button) to get signed up
Step 3: Download the 1.8GB client. Step 4: Install the client, but first make sure that your system is compatible. Step 5: Play and enjoy the game.

Site 3:

America's Army is a free 3D game made by the Army of America. Step 1: Visit Step 2: Download the client there (fast download). Step 3: Create an account and play on it. Step 4: Make sure that your computer can run the game. Step 5: Enjoy the free 3D army shooter!

Site 4: Kilroy

Kilroy is a one-player game in shock-wave that is very similar to Halo, but much cheaper! (It is free.) This is in the genre of army games for kids. Step 1: Visit Step 2: About halfway down the page, you will see a listing for Kilroy. Click the game and let it load. Step 3: Make sure that you have the Adobe Shockwave Player. Not having that will cause the game not to work. Step 4: Review controls in game, and play. Step 5: If game lags, check other processes on your system and terminate any unnecessary ones.

Differences between Install and flash Games

Flash army games versus installable games Flash Army games and installable ones have many differences. With Flash games, the user does not have long download times, but faces other problems, such as worse graphics and controls. With Flash games, you always have to make sure that you have an active Internet connection, unlike with install games. Lastly, be sure to always have an anti-virus to use to scan any game that you play.

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