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Where to recycle a mobile phone for cash

Do you have a collection of unused mobile phones gathering dust in the bottom of a drawer or cupboard that never see the light of day? You can get cash for recycling all your unused or unwanted phones, so instead of leaving them in the dark, read the guide below to discover where to recycle your mobile phones for cash.

How to begin selling your mobile phone

Do they work The first stage to selling your mobile is to determine if it works, charge it up and see. The companies that buy your mobile for recycling will only pay you if the phone works. Once it is charged, remove any personal information that you may have stored on the phone. Go to a comparison site The easiest way to find how much your phone is worth is to go to an online comparison site such as On entering the site, you will see two boxes, the first one is the make of phone, the second for the model or type. Within seconds of entering this information, you will receive a list of companies and how much each one is willing to pay for your phone. Contact the recycling company of your choice The next step is to contact the recycling company of your choice. It is advisable to read the reviews about each company before you send your phone to them. Some companies will send you a prepaid envelope to place your phone into for the recycling process. If your phone is a expensive model, it may be best to have it insured through recorded delivery to ensure that it arrives safely.

Advice on selling your mobile phone

How much can you get for it Getting a good deal can be simply through timing, if a lot of similar model are being traded at that moment in time, the price will be lower. By waiting for a few weeks, you may receive a better price. Beware of rogue or bankrupt companies If an offer to buy your phone is much higher than from other companies, then beware as that company may not be as it appears. Some companies although appearing to trade may have gone bust and sending your phone into them will not bring you any cash in return. What should you send Most companies buying your mobile phone will only require your phone and its battery. Some will clearly list what they require and these details should be closely followed to ensure that you receive your payment.

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