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Where to study for an information technology degree in the UK

IT is one of the most popular topics to study, from beginner level to a full degree and programmes are available from taught courses to IT degrees online. Technology and business rely on business technology management and business information technology, so getting qualified via information technology courses can be a rewarding way to start a career. This article works to outline the top places to study and IT degree in the UK.

Cambridge University

As with many degree courses in the UK, Cambridge tops the league tables for IT degrees in the UK. The computer laboratory has over 200 researchers to date who carry out research across a broad range of topics within the computer science field. Research groups Their research groups include the Artificial Intelligence Group, Programming Logic and Semantics Group, Systems Research Group and Digital Technology Group. In addition, The Laboratory publishes its own technical report series, dating from 1974, many of which are now available online.

Imperial College, London and Birkbeck, London

Imperial College
Imperial college offers a number of computing related degrees including MEng Computing (Artificial Intelligence), MEng Computing (Computation in Biology and Medicine), MEng Computing (Games, Vision and Interaction) and MEng Computing (Software Engineering) each at four years of course duration. Course options and opportunities In the three years' course, students are given the chance to undertake an industrial placement to gain real-life experience as to what it is like to work in the computer industry and keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the field. Although there are a number of compulsory subjects to study in the first and second years, students can choose from a wide variety of optional courses including Computer Architecture, Automated Reasoning, Complex Systems, Machine Learning, Technical Presentations Skills and Computational Finance, to pick just a few. Birbeck For those wishing to get a footing into the world of IT, Birbeck offers a foundation degree in IT, which aims to develop and improve knowledge and IT technical skills. If students are successful, they may then be allowed to move on to Birbeck’s Bachelor of Science Information Systems and Computing degree which is available on a part-time basis.

Manchester University

Manchester University also offers a number of top class IT degrees at both three and four years of course duration. With an entry level of AAB, they cite their three year Bachelors of Science Computer Science degree as their most flexible course as it allows you to choose modules which reflect your individual interests. As one of the largest computer science schools in the UK, it has a wealth of knowledge to draw from and is also able to offer a wide range of programmes.

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