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Where to visit in Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts is located in the New England region of northeastern USA. It is surrounded by the Rhode Island in the south, New York in the west, New Hampshire in the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the East. Massachusetts is a paradise of art, historical heritage, and beautiful wildlife.

Northwestern Massachusetts: Tourist attractions

When we see the Massachusetts map, we can broadly classify the State into northwest, northeast, southeast, and southwest Massachusetts. The abbreviation for Massachusetts is MA . For nature lovers, northwest Massachusetts is the place to visit. Popular tourist destinations Some popular tourist destinations include the Wendell State Forest, and the Fitchburg Art Museum. Wendell State Forest is a sprawling area of 7566 acres. For all adventure lovers, this is the place where you can go for hiking, mountain climbing, and trekking. In winter, one can also enjoy cross-country skiing. The Fitchburg Art Museum has 12 galleries exhibiting exquisite paintings, sculptures, and antiquities of European, American, and Asian origin. It is frequented by many art lovers.

Northeastern Massachusetts:Tourist attractions

The urban metropolitan region of Boston is located in the northeastern part of Massachusetts. In Boston, you can enjoy touring the city through the Freedom Trail and then head towards the famous Crane beach. Here, you can immerse yourself in virgin white sand and sunbathe in the divine sunshine. To enjoy the lush green areas, one may visit the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. This wildlife sanctuary is located on a separate island off the northern coast of Massachusetts. Salem is another popular town in this region which is famous for its historical heritage.

Southern Massachusetts: Tourist attractions

Going further down the MA map, one may visit the Cape Cod in southeastern Massachusetts. This is an immensely popular tourist destination as it has a spectacular Cape Cod National Seashore along with umpteen places of fine dining and sprawling golf courses. The seashore is a great beach where one can also enjoy hiking trails. When heading towards the southwest, the most popular destination is the Springfield city. Here, one can enjoy a ride in a Quinnetukut II riverboat. This riverboat sails through the French King Gorge of the Connecticut River. In winter, one can truly enjoy skiing at the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort situated in the Berkshires in the southwestern MA. This is the largest ski resort in the State of Massachusetts. This resort boasts of 45 trails and nine lifts. Another popular destination is the October Mountain where people enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter. The October Mountain Forests is a haven for the adventurous travellers with its sprawling area of 16500 acres that are used for hiking trails, camping, mountain climbing, fishing, and canoeing.

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