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Where to watch native American movies

Screenings of Native American movies mostly occur at festivals or through museum initiatives. There are catalogues of Native American movies online which makes them widely available to watch at home. This article is about where to watch Native American movies.

National Museum of the American Indian NY

The Film and Video Center of NMAI is located at the George Gustav Heye Center in New York City, and presents screenings of Native productions, among others. The biennial Native American Film and Video Festival holds organised screenings of new native American works from all areas of the Americas. The Center organises tours of Native American films and videos to native communities, universities and museums throughout America.
Daily film screenings The New York City branch of the National Museum of the American Indian organises daily screenings that relate to their current exhibitions and to important themes in Native American life. There is also a second daily series specifically aimed at children and their families.
Native networks A museum initiative to make catalogues of relevant film and media is available through the internet at

Native American film screenings

Two annual screening series held by the National Museum of the American Indian in New York and in Santa Fe focus on feature films with emphasis on honouring Native American Indian actors, directors, writers, musicians, and cultural activists. The Showcase is offered in cooperation with NMAI partners such as Santa Fe’s Center for Contemporary Arts and the Institute for American Indian Arts.
Native language film resources American Indian movies and videos available through the internet are listed at the Native Languages of the Americas resource at Perhaps surprisingly, this directory includes Kevin Costner's Dancing With Wolves and Soldier Blue as well as some documentary films, because they are viewed as truthful versions of history.

Native American movies

Native American movies are being made, but may be aimed at specific audiences or have specific purposes. They may be documenting disappearing languages, for instance, which increasingly preoccupies university linguistics departments across the US. Northwest Indian News, for example, has videos available on YouTube of community language teaching initiatives.
Festival of Native American culture This festival features movies such as those made by the Yavapai-Apache Nation as part of a wider project to preserve traditional stories and storytelling techniques, rather than full length feature films.

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