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Which Laurel and Hardy DVD is the best

Laurel & Hardy were the popular Academy Award winning comedy duo from the early years of Hollywood. Laurel and Hardy films have withstood the test of time and in this article, I will try to establish which, if any, is the best DVD.

DVD collections

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy first teamed up as Laurel and Hardy back in 1926. They became Hal Roach's most popular stars.
Aficionados of the duo generally regard the work they did with Hal Roach as their best work.
Along with the shorts and with the advent of 'talkies', they also filmed several other films.
Just about everything Laurel and Hardy filmed have since been digitally restored and, in some cases, colourised .
Therefore, choosing the best Laurel and Hardy DVDs can be a tough choice.
There are many Laurel and Hardy box sets available, but boxed set DVDs can be a bit of a costly affair.
To try and decide which individual DVD is the best can be quite a tricky thing to do, and one that relies more on personal taste than anything else.
Thankfully, there are a number of factors that we should take into consideration.

Factors to be taken into consideration

Final word
Whilst by no means dire, it is generally accepted amongst fans that the work that Laurel and Hardy did after leaving the Hal Roach studio in 1940 was not their finest.
With this in mind, we can rule out any DVD that doesn't have the Hal Roach name on it. Their most popular shorts are considered to be 1929's Big Business and Liberty, and the Oscar winning The Music Box of 1932. All three are truly brilliant classics. Of their feature length movies, the most successful were 1933's Sons of the Desert, 1937's Way Out West and 1938's Block Heads. So, which is the best Laurel and Hardy DVD?
Whilst just about all of the DVDs available contain more than one of the duo's films, any DVD that contains the aforementioned shorts or films can be considered as being 'the best'.
Of course, this is purely subjective, but these are factors to be taken into consideration.
Of course, you should also decide whether you would prefer to see the colourised versions or not.

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