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Which is the best premium dog food

Giving Fido the best dog foods will ensure that he lives a longer, happier and healthier life. Commercial dog foods aren't always what they advertise they are.

Vegetarian dogs and other special diets

There are a myriad of commercial dog foods on the market, and it can be confusing and difficult to choose.
There are pet foods for young dogs, old dogs, food-allergic dogs, diabetic dogs, dogs with bad teeth, and even vegetarian dogs.
Many commercial foods boast that they use rice, vegetables, lamb, and all kinds of other things - it’s good to read the labels to determine how much of each ingredient is actually in the foods.
It can be surprising how little actually goes into some dog foods.
Common ingredients
Two common ingredients in dog foods are corn and grains.
However, it should be noted that many dogs react adversely to corn, grains and gluten.

Take matters into your own hands

The importance of premium dog food
A very good, even premium dog food that will help him or her live longer is one that is made at home every day.
Make up the dog’s meals at the same time that dinner is cooked and this will ensure ensuring that you monitor what goes into the dog’s food.
Controlling what he or she eats can go a long way toward keeping Fido healthy and happy.
Moreover, knowing exactly what’s in Fido’s food keeps his parents happy.
Easy recipe
Here’s an easy recipe that can be changed up every day if desired.
You will need:
-1 cup uncooked rice
-1 pound of meat, ground or chopped
-1 package of frozen vegetables You should especially avoid corn
Cook the rice and brown the meat, making sure it’s cooked all the way through. While the rice is cooking, add the vegetables to the meat to get them heated through.
When everything is done, mix it together.
Divide it into meal-size portions and put some in the freezer or fridge.
Half the amount can be divided over the course of one day for a large dog.
Therefore, this recipe would feed a large dog for one day.
Final word
Choose only the best to put in your dog’s food. Monitoring his diet will ensure that he lives a long and healthy life. The best premium dog food is always a home-cooked meal.

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