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Which school websites will help my children?

Educational and school websites are playing an increasing role in children’s learning and development. There is a significant number of teaching websites available for children of different age ranges, but which are the best? and where are they found? Using the right websites cannot only promote learning, but they can develop skills in reading, writing and maths, by using a method which is fun and interesting.

Primary school 4-11

From the very early stages of primary school, children are encouraged to use computers to find information and to use them as a learning resource.
Some schools in the UK have their own teaching sites or learning platform, where children can log in to an area of their school website and access a whole range of activities in different subjects, which can be accessed from school or home.
Searching for the school
To find a school which has a learning platform or educational website, type your child’s school into a search engine, or type in the school’s web address if you know it and see if the school has any teaching sites or can recommend any.
The BBC and CBBC The BBC have excellent learning sites through their CBeebies website for younger children and CBBC website for older children. Both of these sites offer interactive games and exercises for children to work through which, can improve their skills in reading, phonics, maths and a whole host of other subjects from science to cookery.

High School/senior school 11-17

As a child’s information technology skills improve throughout primary school, by the time children reach High School, they will be able to use the Internet to research information and use school websites as an effective learning tool. GCSE bitesize Towards the end of High School, BBC education offers GCSE bitesize, which is a website dedicated to the revision of subjects in preparation for end of school exams. In addition, children will also be looking towards their future, using career websites such as connexions, to find job descriptions and to explore different career options.
Consulting business learning pages Consulting business learning pages can help them to learn about being
self-employed and business start-up. School websites can also provide information about colleges in the UK, or vocational training such as apprenticeships.

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