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Whirlpool appliances: The facts

Appliance reviews online lists the Whirlpool Corporation as one of the leading manufacturers of cool kitchen appliances. However, it is important to look at what these reviews have to say before you decide to buy one of these appliances.

Whirlpool home appliances

Whirlpool’s kitchen items include its range of ovens, fridges and dishwashers. Home appliances reviews consistently list whirlpool among the top manufacturers of quality home appliances.
Whirlpool fridges
Top of the line fridges feature temperature management and humidity controlled crispers and adjustable door bins/stainless steel doors. Other features include outside water/ice dispenser, touch-pad digital controls and door alarms. Whirlpool fridges use about 20% less energy than other fridges. Whirlpool has about 70 models with prices ranging from $550 to about $3000 (this price range was seen on on 16.06.11). Whirlpool oven has done a comparative study of Whirlpool ovens and has rated each oven according to budget, features, and user opinions. Featuring their trademark sixth SENSE technology, these ovens have elegant designs and are packed with sophisticated features like self-cleaning and text help display. Whirlpool ovens are available at prices starting $1700 (this price was seen at on 16.06.211). Whirlpool dishwashers
Whirlpool’s PowerClean technology is designed to remove the toughest grime. Available in two options, slimline and standard, these dishwashers are also star-certified and result in considerable energy bill savings.

Service, repairs, spare parts and the manual

An often overlooked fact when buying an appliance is the service provided after sale. Other things to consider include the availability of spare parts, user manuals and how easily repairs can be made. Whirlpool services
Whirlpool has generally received good reviews from consumers who have used their services. The company has a section on its website ( dedicated to customer service that includes an FAQ section, brochures, warranties and tips on accessories. Information on how to book an engineer is provided, in case the consumer requires a whirlpool repair service. User testimonials indicate that consumers are happy with Whirlpool’s services. Whirlpool parts
Genuine Whirlpool parts can be obtained online at, whirlpool’s authorised online spare parts dealer. Parts are generally delivered on the next day. Whirlpool manuals
Whirlpool’s user manuals are very user-friendly and provide detailed instructions on how to use the product. If for any reason the user manual has not been shipped with the product, there are listed manuals for almost every Whirlpool appliance on Whirlpool’s website. With a range of products and established customer support, users can rest easy about making their next home appliance a Whirlpool.

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