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Who are the most famous people with bipolar disorder?

The list of famous people diagnosed with bipolar disorder is growing. Recently Catherine Zeta Jones came out and announced her bouts with this depression disease. Michael Douglas, her husband, talks about Catherine being ousted by the press after her stay in a medical facility for depression. Michael is facing his own problems with cancer, his son is in federal prison and his ex-wife is suing him.

What is bi-polar disorder

Bi-polar disorder
Bi-polar disorder is a serious mental illness commonly called manic depression. It is characterised with moods swings from anger to depression. People with bi-polar disorder must be on medication or have thoughts of suicide and extreme depression. These depression swings may force many to not be able to cope in society or hold a job.
Patty Duke
Another famous person to be diagnosed with bi-polar disease was Patty Duke. She had severe manic depression and until she found the right medicine she was in very bad shape. She had three failed marriages, threw herself out of cars, beat her children and refused to deal with the world by hiding under covers. She went public with her plight to help others and wrote two books on the subject. Types of bi-polar disorder There are many types of bi-polar disease and not just manic depression. Although, mania is typically thought of when you hear of bi-polar disorder. Here are some other types to consider: bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymic disorder, mixed bipolar, and rapid-cycling bipolar disorder. Symptoms
Symptoms of bi-polar disorder produce severe and dramatic mood swings. Patients are typically very angry and not nice. The desire to be in hermit-like states is very noticeable. Manic depression is characterised by irritability, restlessness, increased energy and then fatigue, desire to sleep excessively, increased sex drive and looking at unattainable plans of grandeur. Depression brings on symptoms of anxiety, irritability, sadness and feelings of hopelessness, loss of energy, uncontrollable crying, increased need for sleep, difficulty making decisions and suicidal thoughts.

Famous people with bi-polar disorder

The word bi-polar makes us think of people like Mike Tyson when he was beating his wife and going into wild fits of madness. His boxing days were filled with controversies and he went from being a Muslim to doing reality shows. Being bi-polar does not have to be like that though. Here are some famous celebrities who have bi-polar disease: Actors and actresses Catherine Zeta Jones
Patty Duke
Ned Beatty
Jim Carey
Margot Kidder
Kristy McNichols
Vivian Leigh
Robin Williams
Tracy Ullman
Ben Stiller
Russell Brand
Dick Cavett
Richard Dreyfuss
Carrie Fisher
Jonathan Winters
Linda Hamilton Musicians Lenny Dee
Del Shannon
Charley Pride
Jimi Hendrix
Otto Klemperer
Oscar Levant
Phil Spector Source

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