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Why choose the Darlington building society?

Darlington Building Society is a financial services provider, serving County Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire. The business has no outside shareholders and the building society is run for its members. All profits from the business are used to benefit members through their interest rates and mortgage deals. The business also has 150 years experience in the financial sector.


The organisation offers a variety of building society mortgages, available on a fixed or variable rate, or for those who wish to buy a property to rent, or for first-time buyers, simplifying the whole process of making a first property purchase. Discounted-rate mortgage With this mortgage option, customers receive a reduction from the standard variable rate for a set period, with mortgage repayments increasing and decreasing as the variable rate changes, but customers will not pay the full variable rate of interest. Standard variable rate mortgage
Interest is charged at the current, standard variable rate, and any changes in this rate will be reflected in the monthly mortgage payment.
Fixed rate mortgage
This mortgage option offered by Darlington Building Society means that the cost of a mortgage will remain the same throughout the repayment period, and they will not be affected by the increase or decrease in rate value. Tracker mortgage
This mortgage is paid in accordance with the Bank of England Base Rate, so if the Bank’s rates increase or decrease, so will your mortgage payments.
Buy to let Primarily for those who invest in property, or for individuals who are planning to buy a property to let, these mortgages are only available for those who are going to purchase up to three properties for rental purposes.
First-time buyer This mortgage is available to those just stepping onto the property ladder and make the process as simple as possible.

Savings and iInsurance

Savings Savings are available in the following areas: -Children’s Accounts - Set up a children’s account -ISA - A tax free savings account -Regular Savings Accounts - For general savings.
Insurance Darlington Building Society also offers competitive insurance packages, for home and contents, or mortgage insurance. There is a strong company ethos provided at the building society about taking care of its members, offering an exclusive buildings and contents policy, customised to the needs and requirements of an individual.

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