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Why travel to Hawaii?

Hawaii is considered to be the "Paradise of Pacific Ocean" and continues to attract tourists, lovers and surfers from around the world. The hot lava lakes and surf beaches are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable vacation in Hawaii.

Sunny beaches

Hawaiian beaches, with palm trees and coconut trees, are considered to be among the most romantic landscapes in the world.
One can admire beautiful sunsets on Waikiki Beach (a city district of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu).
Haena Beach on Kauai Island, whose landscapes have appeared in numerous Hollywood productions, has also received positive reviews from tourists.
Sea activities
Those who enjoy sport activities should go to Sunset Beach or Lanikai in Oahu Island.
It is famous for surfing and snorkelling.
You may also visit the beaches of Maui Island, where you can practice kite boarding.
For more adrenaline, tourists can try parachute jumps from less than 600 metres (approximately 2.000 ft) above the water.

Hot lava and volcanoes

Most popular volcanoes
Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where there are lakes of lava.
The most spectacular is Lake Volcano Kilauea which is also the most active volcano on the planet.
Tourists who have had the courage to approach can see how yellow-red lava reaches the surface and partially solidify.
Extinct volcanoes
You can explore extinct volcanoes, too.
Mauna Kea, an extinct volcano, is the highest point in Hawaii, and if it would be measured from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, it would exceed the height of Everest.


Description of Honolulu
A Hawaii vacation would not be complete without a stop in Honolulu, the capital of the state.
Its name means "sheltered bay" and it lies in the south-eastern part of the Oahu Island.
If you reach Honolulu, you should visit the Hawaiian Maritime Centre, located in the port.
The port itself is an impressive museum that captures the naval history of the state, including the age of European explorers.
Children will be thrilled to discover the skeleton of a humpback whale hanging from the ceiling of one room.

When should you go to Hawaii?

Final word
Whether you want to spend New Year's Eve on the beach or you want a romantic honeymoon in the summer, you will be captivated by the Hawaiian Islands.
You can enjoy the sunshine and sunny weather, no matter what season you choose for your trip to Hawaii.
However, most tourists plan their holidays in winter because they want to spend Christmas on the beach.
The worst part is that, during winter, it rains a lot.
Rainfalls are rare from June to October, when temperatures are higher.

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