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Why use Scotia online banking?

The Bank of Nova Scotia, popularly referred to as Scotia Bank is headquartered in Canada and has branches across the world. It is a forward-thinking bank and offers a very powerful online transactional platform. Scotia Bank’s online platform is registered as Scotia Online, it is very popular and here is why people prefer banking with Scotia Bank:

Reasons to use Scotia online banking

Scotia Online Banking features an extremely easy user interface. All accounts are represented by tabs on the home page making navigation very easy. The tabs are titled as Banking, Borrowing, Investing and Financial Planning and it is easy to switch between them. Banking tab Customers can access their deposit accounts in this section. Personal and small business customers can use the Interac Email Money Transfers to send and receive money from anyone having a Canadian bank account. People who do not have a Canadian bank account can use the Western Union Money Transfer facility. Scotia Bank account holders can transfer money between accounts. Scotia Online allows its customers to open a day-to-day deposit account, which can earn them a higher rate of interest. This works well for small business owners and personal banking customers who know how to manage their money well. The account is updated to-the-minute and customers can view transaction activity up to 18 months. Customers can also pay bills or set up recurring payments for more than 8,600 companies (as on June 2011). Account details can be downloaded as well, which are compatible with Quicken or QuickBooks. Borrowing tab
This section displays mortgage, credit card and loan accounts. Customers can view their account details along with particulars like interest rate, maturity date, due date, etc. Mortgage payment options can be tweaked as well. Loan limit increases too can be applied for in this section. Investing tab
This section allows customers to make investment purchases and to manage their portfolio. Customers can even transfer between funds within their Scotia Mutual Fund accounts. Additionally, a new RRSP (Retirement Savings) account can be opened. Pre-authorized contributions can also be set-up making life more comfortable for customers. Brokerage tab
This section provides market quotes in real time (and delayed, as well). Customers can use this section to trade in Canadian and US equities and mutual funds. Customers can also transfer funds from their bank account to their brokerage account and access news in real time. Market alerts can be set up too.

Why Scotia Online?

Scotia Online presents customer with one window to their financial world. They can deposit, borrow, transfer, invest, reduce debt and trade by just pointing and clicking. It is a very easy and convenient platform and this is why it is preferred by most customers.

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