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Why use hands free kits in the car?

A car hands free kit allows drivers to use mobile phones more safely. Bluetooth kits have an ear piece that the driver can use to handle telephone calls while they are driving their cars. The cell phone can stay safely tucked away so that the driver can have a conversation and keep both hands on the wheel.

Using a hands free kit in the car

Having a phone in the car is not new - car phones were installed in luxury vehicles before mobile phones were common. Using a phone in the car can be distracting, and not only because of the conversation taking place.
The functions of a hands free kit
Holding a phone requires you to either have only one hand on the steering wheel or to get in a non-standard driving position by tucking your cell phone between your ear and your shoulder. Phone car kits can alleviate some of the distractions by taking the phone out of your hands and putting a Bluetooth piece in your ear.
Hands free kits are can be basic ear pieces, or they can run through your car's audio system. You can buy do it yourself wireless installation kits if you are familiar with wiring, or you can have someone install the mount bracket and other phone accessories for you. Use
Some areas require drivers to use a hands free kit when talking on the phone while driving because they are safer options for people who like to talk on the road.

Types of Bluetooth kits for cars

You can get different mobile car kit options for your cars. There are simple ear piece kits that can be attached to your phone without the use of any wires. These are universal kits that you can move from car to car. You can even use this type of hands free kit while cycling if you can fit the earpiece under your helmet.
Stereo kits
You can also get a stereo kit. When your mobile rings, the call is heard through your car stereo. If you are playing music in the car, the phone audio will take precedence over the music. These hands free kits must be wired into the car stereo, so they cannot be removed and used in a second car. What should I look out for when buying a hands free kit?
Features to look for in mobile phone car kits should include the length of time between charging the hands free kit accessories, phone compatibility, and installation requirements.

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