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Wolves' pictures

Wolves, which all belong to the genus Canis, have captured the human imagination for centuries, probably owing to the sense of beauty and danger that they convey. As a result, there are more wolf images in print and online than most other wild animals. In many cases, you may have to pay a fee to buy quality pictures of wolves. However, it doesn't mean that there aren't several free sources available, if you know where to search.

Paid images

Stock libraries A popular online industry that has mushroomed over the past few years is that of stock libraries. In order to pay for the use of images in a stock collection, consumers are charged a fee - either an annual or one-off payment - and can then download a certain amount of images. General portfolios If you're looking for a wolf pic, you can search for general portfolios, or if you wanted a wolf photo from Canada, for instance, or of a particular wolf species, the stock library's search engine could narrow this down. On most of these sites, the photos are of the same price, regardless of quality, which means if you're looking for only one or two images, it may be worth paying the fee. Rights-managed Bear in mind that these images will usually be rights-managed, so if you wanted to use them for a website which is all about wolves, for instance, you would need to check whether you're permitted to do so.

Free images

Internet images Whether you're searching for free wolf facts or information, or even wolf sounds, the Internet is certainly the best option. This is the case with respect to free images too, of which there are thousands available online. Nowadays, however, little is truly free and you may find that there are some strings attached. For instance, a photographer may allow you to download his image, but will have strict instructions on its subsequent use. These should be rigorously followed in order to avoid legal complications. Copyright claims Some websites do offer free high quality wolves' images, but these are usually considered to be in the public domain and are always vulnerable to later copyright claims from the owner. If you're looking for photos of wolves to use as screensavers, the provider may first require you to subscribe to a newsletter, as high subscriber numbers are one way by which he can attract advertisers to his site.

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